Map Visualization with Leaflet package in R

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

There are number of packages in R help you visualize map data such as RGoogleMaps, leafletR or rCharts. 

In this post I will show you how do I collect, transform travel data from lonelyplanet, and visualize map collected data using leaflet package.

Data: Collection and Transformation

I use some javascript code to “live” crawl all information of sights in Vietnam from lonelyplanet, the result contains 503 sights in Vietnam saved in sights.json file

To transform json data, I use jsonlite and geocode service to get geo data from name of each sightseeing. For instance, with Quang Cong Pagoda place in Nha Trang , send request to service via api,%20Nha%20Trang we can have the geo data of Quang Cong pagoda

 location: {
  lat: 12.2387911,
  lng: 109.1967488

This code below show how do I transform json data to csv

 GetGeoOfSights <- function(){
  sights.raw <- readLines("data/sights.json")
  sights <- fromJSON(sights.raw)
  sights <- sights %>% mutate(
    fullLocation = paste(name, address, sep=", ")
  ) %>% mutate(
    lat = GetLat(fullLocation),
    lng = GetLng(fullLocation),
    type = GetType(fullLocation)
  write.csv(sights, file="data/sights.csv")


Now it's fun part, we first load leaflet package


Then we create a first layer with leaftlet() function

 m = leaflet() %>% addTiles()
sights <- sights %>% na.omit() %>% filter()

The next thing to do is set a view port for map

 m = m %>%
    setView(105.8, 15.9, zoom = 5)

Finally, we create MultiPoint geometry correspond with each sights in map

 for(i in 1:nrow(sights)){
  shape = list(
    type = 'Feature',
    properties = list(
      popup = paste(sights[i, ]$name, sights[i, ]$address,
                      sep=", ") 
    geometry = list(
      type = 'MultiPoint',
      coordinates = cbind(sights[i, ]$lng, sights[i, ]$lat)
  m = m %>% addGeoJSON(shape)

and here are result 

Actually, If you run this code, the map can be interactive. You can zoom in and zoom out, and a pop up will show detail informations when you click to shapes.

You can get full project here


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