RStudio: IDE for R

RStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R. It’s free and open source, and works great on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Data Viewer

Data viewer with support for large datasets, filtering, searching, and sorting.


Code Editing

VIM support

RStudio’s code editor includes a set of lightweight Vim key bindings.

visual block selection, macros, marks, and subset of : commands.

Code completion

Previously RStudio only completed variables that already existed in the global environment, now completion is done based on source code analysis so is provided even for objects that haven’t been fully evaluated:

Code diagnostics

A wide variety of diagnostics are supported, including optional diagnostics for code style issues (e.g. the inclusion of unnecessary whitespace). Diagnostics are also available for several other languages including C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Code snippets

Code snippets are text macros that are used for quickly inserting common snippets of code. For example, the fun snippet inserts an R function definition:

Multiple Cursors

  • Create a new cursor above / below the current cursor with CTRL + ALT + {up / down}
  • Move the active cursor up / down with CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + {up / down}
  • Create multiple cursors by pressing CTRL + ALT and clicking + dragging the mouse

Code Navigation

Go to File/Function

Ctrl + .

If you know the name of the source file or function that you want to edit next you can quickly navigate to it using the Go to File/Function search box on the main RStudio toolbar:


Debugging tools in RStudio

  • Setting breakpoints within the source editor, both inside and outside functions
    Stepping through code line by line
    Inspecting object values and the call stack during debugging
    An error inspector for quick access to tracebacks and the debugger after runtime errors
  • Tight integration with traditional R debugging tools, such as browser() and debug()



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