Tips For A Successful App

What Makes a Good App Good? 1

  1. Tell Bob’s Story Bob has his own story. Can your app help your make it?

  2. Should Be Easy to Use — Good apps are intuitive and require little or no documentation. The user just fires up the app and they’re off and running.

  3. Provide True Mobility — Apps must have the ability to run in offline mode, then sync with data center systems when connected.

  4. Utilization of Mobile Device Capabilities — Good apps will utilize mobile device capabilities. For example, Meeting Mapper utilizes the iPad camera for capturing pictures relating to meetings.

  5. Fun to Use — One of the best ways to ensure people continue to use your app is to make it fun to work with. Then, even if you’re using it for a business project, the process is an enjoyable one which you’ll share with others.

  6. Design, Design, Design — As much as you can, try to make your app look good. Also, the different visual styles of Windows, Android and Apple need to be considered as much as possible. You can’t copy the design, but it’s much more pleasing if the app fits each device’s style.

  7. Bring People Together — Creating an app that provides for creative collaboration is creating real business value. The ability to easily share, connect, post, recommend, like, follow, get feedback and bookmark is part of today’s social media world.

  8. Provide Real Time Insight — With the increased competition the internet has brought about, giving people the tools to provide up-to-date and relevant information is essential.

  9. Consider the User — Nothing’s worse than a sales app designed by someone who knows nothing about sales. If you don’t fully understand the needs of your users, find someone who does. Four years of intensive research revealed that professionals were looking for an easy to learn, fast and easy to use mobile-based reporting system. The bottom line desire was improved sales and increased earnings. The intensively high failure rates of apps and software were nearly always due to lack of forethought. If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, you might not get a chance to do it right ever.

  10. Intuitive Functionality — Once you understand the needs of your users, you have to build in functions that almost think for the user. Never release an app before you’ve done your due diligence. We took a long time and put in many months into research and testing before we released our app.